Flashback Friday | Nursing school is not that hard…

but it is time consuming…

more recollections from nursing school circa Summer 2014…

I hear all.the.time about how HARD nursing school is.  After two weeks in to my first real nursing class, I keep hearing about how HARD the material is…how MUCH there is to study…how NOTHING makes sense from my classmates. Maybe it’s because I’m older and have been to college before…Maybe it’s because I already work in healthcare, but nothing seems hard to me.  It’s Psych…I’ve taken almost enough psych classes to have a major.  It’s ‘therapeutic communication’…it’s knowing the different defense mechanisms…It’s talking to people.  [I may regret this lassiez-faire attitude after our first exam tomorrow]

My first clinical was at the county detox.   It has an inpatient area where people stay from about 4-7 days while they medically withdraw from substances.  Their protocol is to do a step down dose of Ativan…that’s it.  It seemed rather depressing, and I know from personal experience that withdrawing from alcohol isn’t easy.  It’s different for everybody, but if I had had to stay in a closed environment with no access to outside or to books or other reading material, I would have gone stark, raving mad.  It’s better than not having any alternatives, but this alternative sucks. The outpatient side was much better…mainly classes for people who are court ordered to be there….for people trying to get their licenses or children or both back.

The class I attended focused on values–identification of personal values and learning value systems.  It was actually pretty interesting. My old AA sponsor [the social worker] told me to get information where I find it, meaning if I am in a detox situation for school, I should try to learn something from it.  I try to do that.  I’m not able to go to as many meetings as I’d like or the specific ones that I like, but I’m still going, and I’ve made Wednesday my ‘free day’ so to speak…I try not to work on Wednesday so that I can go to my favorite AA meeting at 7pm, and I try to have all my work done for the week [things that I might have to turn in] so that I can go out to dinner with the group afterwards.  So far it seems to be working.

I had a situation last week that was a little challenging.  My clinical group went out for lunch to a local Mexican restaurant.  Everyone but me had an alcohol beverage–3 margaritas and a Dos XX…I stared at the margaritas pretty hard. It would have been so easy.  No one at school knows I am an alcoholic; no one in AA was in that restaurant.  But that is how I went through school the first time–drinking margaritas for lunch everyday and being drunk in afternoon clinical, a decent GPA, that is not how I want to start my nursing career.  I love my life now; I have goals [long term–to be a nurse practitioner], and drinking a margarita–no matter how tasty in the short-term–would derail my plans to reach those goals. OK…off to run and study…not necessarily in that order.


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