Sunday Snap: Cat is out of the bag

Meet Kaos.  He was named appropriately.

Cat out of the bag

He’s a funny boy.  Or at least he was.  Until my roommate ran over him with her car. [Note:  We are not roommates nor friends anymore].  It’s been just over two years since I lost him and I miss him every day.  He was such a good cat.  Sweet.  Dog-like. Cuddly [on his terms].  I called him my big sexy black boy.  He reminded me a lot of my first cat–Shadow.  Shadow-cat was literally my shadow.  He followed me everywhere.  Even into the bathtub.  Silly boys.

Cats with computers are an adventure too

shadow cat

Cats are funny creatures.  And exceptionally good judges of characters.  A lot of people say they don’t like cats, and that’s fine, but it really a better judgement when cats don’t like people.

My current two cats are Lucy and Christopher.  Lucy is another black cat–a girl this time, and Christopher is a big, squishy Orange tabby.  He’s not too bright and scared of his own shadow, but Lucy…Lucy is a good kitty cat.  Inquisitive enough, secure in her self. Sweet. Cuddly. All this to say, I love my kitty cats.  I always have.  I always will.  And I will always judge people who my cats don’t like.


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