Trail Notes

On this page, I’ve tried to group together all posts from the trail, or in some cases road.  Day hikes, visits to state and national parks and battlefields, multi-day backpacking trips, and road trips are all  here.  Not every trip focus on arriving; for some getting there is just as much fun.

South Carolina State Parks

Other States’ State Parks

  • Georgia State Parks | Cloudland Canyon
  • North Carolina State Parks |
  • Oregon State Parks |
  • Tennessee State Parks |
  • Vermont State Parks |
  • Virginia State Parks |
  • Washington State Parks |

US National Parks

Non-US National Parks

  • Argentina National Parks | Aconcagua
  • Brazil National Parks
  • Canada National Parks |
  • Chile National Parks |
  • Costa Rica National Parks |
  • Germany National Parks |
  • Ecuador National Parks |
  • Mexico National Parks |
  • Peru National Parks |
  • Scotland National Parks
  • Switzerland National Parks |
  • Wales National Parks

Road Trips

  • The Kings’ Highway | Traveling from Montreal to Quebec City
  • Historic Route 66 | Driving Route 66 through Arizona
  • Lewis and Clark Trail | Exploring the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington
  • Historic Southern Road Trip | Exploring history along the Georgia, Carolina, and Virginia coasts
  • The Tamiami Trail | Backroads from Miami to Tampa
  • Blue Ridge Scenic Byway | Exploring the Appalachians by car

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